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Hey There, I'm Laura

I am a shamanic practitioner, channeling universal life-force energy (reiki) through sonic vibration and healing touch. Together with my spirit guides, I bring healing to my clients both energetically and with practical advice and modalities. 

I believe that true healing comes from within. My holistic approach to wellness and well-being is centered around mindfulness and meditation, reiki, and sound healing. Having studied and practiced these disciplines for many years, I understand the power of these ancient healing methods and the transformative effects they can have on one’s life, because I have experienced it first hand, and with my clients.

I invite you to join me on a journey of transformation, healing and self-discovery. Through my teachings, I strive to help you find balance, peace and joy in your life . . .and beyond.

About Me.

I'm just a girl from suburban Colorado, who studied International Affairs and Scandinavian Studies at university - long before I even dreamed of moving to Norway. I made my way here over 15 years ago to pursue an MBA in Strategic Leadership, which was followed some years later by training in Project Management... but life had more in store for me.

After experiencing significant losses in my life, I underwent a profound transformation. The grief and pain reignited my spiritual and artistic interests, prompting me to unearth those parts of me that I had buried under societal expectations and personal fears. 

It is this uncovering that I offer to you in my reiki and shamanic journey treatments. I use the gentle waves of reiki frequency to help you to shine your brightest light. Basking in the unconditional love of life-force energy, you will be guided and soothed through whatever transformation process you are traversing. I am here to guide you back to your inner wisdom through sonic vibrations and compassion.

I started my spiritual development when I was a child, having read a book on the chakras, another on developing psychic abilities, and completed a meditation course by the time I was 12. I always had a flare for the artistic and have always loved music, singing, and dancing. However, I had covered many of those things over throughout the years and have only been rediscovering them recently.

Now, I stand before you, having rekindled my colors, ready to guide you in doing the same. I am here to assist you in peeling back your own layers, helping you radiate your unique colors and light. Together, we can navigate the journey to self-discovery and healing and transformation.


Certifications in various transformative modalities

Reiki - two hands holding an ocean of light


Reiki I & II (2020) - Monica Tefke

Extensive training for self-reiki, reiki for others and distance reiki

Usui / Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher (2021) - Reiki Lifestyle
Colleen Benelli, member of International Center for Reiki Training

Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Practitioner and Teacher Training  (2022) - Mainstream Reiki
Andrea Kennedy, member of International Center for Reiki Training

Shamanic journey - a human figure guided by a compass between mountains

Shamanic Healing

4-year Shamanic Reiki Training Program (2021-present) - Reiki Lifestyle
Advanced reiki journeying techniques for healing with Colleen  and Robyn Benelli, members of International Center for Reiki Training

Shamanic Journey Practitioner Training (2023) - Bekki Shining Bearheart
Courses: Fundamentals of Shamanic Journeying, Circle of the Ancestors, Drumming in the Temple

Sound Healing Certification (2021) - Roots of Life
"The Science of Sound" Sound Healing Certification Course with Bruce Taylor, Reiki Master

Yoga + meditation - a person sitting in lotus position with a flame overhead

Yoga + Meditation

Restore + Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (2020) - Atman Yoga School
30-hours YACEP with Jessica Winderl 

Hatha & Yin Yoga Teacher Training (2020) - The Shala Yoga & Mindfulness
200+ hours YARYT200 training with Lucas Casanova and Kimhye Jin Iversen

Meditation, Mindfulness + Tantra Teacher Training (2021 - 2022) - The Shala Yoga & Mindfulness
300+ hours training in a variety of meditation techniques with Lucas Casanova and Kimhye Jin Iversen,
guest lecturer: Jørgen Nøvik 

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+47 936 86 581



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